From Borgo Turrito Record: CalaRosa among the best rosé wines in the world.

Produced in Foggia by Nero di Troia grapes, he gets silver in Le Mondial Du Rosé in France. It is the only Capitanata wine and the only Nero di Troia awarded together with 4 other Apulian wines. With 5 medals, Puglia is the first Region in the South of Italy and it does better than Tuscany, Piedmont and Emilia.

FOGGIA – – It’s one of the best couples in the world. This is the CalaRosaPGI Apulia Rosé Nero di Troia, a wine produced by the Borgo Turrito wine-growing company. To declare it is Le Mondial Du Rosè (, an international contest in which “referees”, who evaluate the wines of 28 different countries on the planet, belong to the ” Union of French Oenologists and gather in Cannes for three days to savor the blind and comment on the rosé productions from around the globe.

The CalaRosa PGI Apulia Rosé Nero di Troia produced by Borgo Turrito, is the only Capitanata wine awarded at the World Rod Wine Championship, the only Nero di Troia wine to have received the prestigious award. In addition to the CalaRosa sparrow, Puglia brings home a gold and three silver medals in the order: Maremosso Puglia IGT Rosè Frizzante Black Bombino, Torrevento Cellar; Girofle Rosè Salento IGP Rosato Negroamaro, Company Monks; Cardone Nausica Negroamaro, IGT Salento, Cardone Vini Classici; Veritas Castel Del Monte, Black Bombino DOCG Rosato, Torrevento Cellar. “When I knew we had won, I exulted like the local team Foggia Calcio had scored” “exclaimed Luca Scapola, a 32-year-old owner of a company, Borgo Turrito, who is celebrating his first ten years this year. “It’s an extraordinary achievement for us, because CalaRosa is a new production, born this year, and also becauso to certify its goodness are the French oenologists. We went to win out of home, and in France it’s not easy to doit , “explains Luca Scapola. Just a few months ago, another rosé of Capitanata, The Pomegranate of Cantina La Marchesa, of Lucera, went up the podium of the National Enologic Competition of rosaries getting a bronze. Le Mondial Du Rosè is a competition created by the Union of French Oenologists in 2004. In 13 years, recognition has gained increasing value by comparing the best rosé in the world. Analyzing overall the result of Italian wines admitted to the competition, Puglia is the first in the South with 5 medals, and it is also better than Tuscany, Friuli, Piedmont, Lazio, Emilia Romagna and Umbria (the same result from Lombardy, Abruzzo comes To the fourth). Borgo Turrito and its vineyards are located 500 meters Aaway from the Incoronata Sanctuary, in the heart of the Regional Park set up in 2006 as a protected natural area by the waters of the Cervaro stream. “We are vine growers since 1890, my grandparents owned vineyards in Alberello and in the Rocchetta Sant’Antonio”, says Luca Scapola. “I started directing the company when I was 23 years old. The medal at CalaRosa makes the pair with the awards that, more and more often, the wines of the Capitanata gather in Italy and in the world. This means Foggia can do it, by focusing on his deep vocations, can express absolute excellence. “