For some years we have been committed to combining the quality of our wine with the health of the environment.

In all our vineyards we have chosen not to use herbicides. With the practice of green manure we are able to contain the growth of weeds, while promoting biodiversity and the content of organic matter. Respecting nature, we have drastically reduced the use of chemical fertilizers and, using pheromone traps to monitor the grapevine moth, we are able to determine when it is necessary to intervene with pesticides, consequently limiting their use. We firmly believe in the protection of nature, which is why we rely on the strategies and tools of precision farming. By constantly monitoring climatic parameters such as temperature, humidity and rainfall, we are able to optimize resources and reduce waste.


Energy sustainability

Respect for the environment and energy efficiency are essential points of our corporate vision. Every day we take small steps towards continuous improvement, setting new goals and adopting increasingly sustainable solutions.

In the car park of our company we have installed and made available to everyone free of charge a column for charging electric cars, powered in part by a small company photovoltaic system.

Environmental sustainability

Our bottles are dressed with labels in special FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified paper, a brand that identifies products containing wood from responsibly managed forests according to rigorous environmental, social and economic standards.

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