Our vines grow mainly on clayey soils that are able to retain water more easily and release it gradually during periods of drought, typical of our climate.

We mainly cultivate Nero di Troia, autochthonous grape variety widespread above all in the north of Apulia, and Falanghina.


It is a red grape variety among the oldest and the most characteristic of central-northern Apulia. There are several legends about its origin. The first tells of the mythical Greek hero Diomedes who, after the Trojan War (Guerra di Troia) ended, went up the Ofanto bringing with him vine shoots, later planted along the banks of the river giving life to the Grape of Troia.
Other legends link the name of the variety to the Apulian city Troia, in the province of Foggia, or to the small village of Cruja which, in the vernacular, is called Troia.


Falanghina has quite mysterious origins but its name almost certainly derives from the Greek falangos, meaning tied to a pole. It is a white grape variety of Campania origin, probably already known in Roman times, which found a second home in Apulia.
It reaches maturity in the second half of September and produces intense and aromatic wines.

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